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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure

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Nancy Zidonis
Yesterday, 10:03 AM
Periodontal disease literally means disease of the tissues that surround and support the teeth. It is by far the most common oral condition suffered by cats. The majority of cats who are over two years old are believed to suffer from some degree of periodontal disease.
The outer surface of the teeth is made of enamel, which is the hardest material in the body. In a young cat, this enamel is smooth. Every day the teeth become covered in bacterial plaque, but through chewing, the plaque is constantly wiped from the smooth enamel. Plaque is soft, but it rapidly hardens to produce a substance called calculus, or tartar. Unlike enamel, tartar is rough in texture and so plaque is more difficult to remove from it.

The presence of bacteria in the plaque irritates the gum edges and causes them to become reddened and inflamed: a condition called gingivitis. As the gum grows increasingly inflamed, other bacteria start to cause further damage, and the gum may begin to recede around a tooth. Eventually the attachments holding the tooth in place are weakened, and it may then become loose. From: Pawprints and Purrs, Inc.
To help prevent or minimize periodontal issues, give your cat's mouth a regular check-over. If you think that he may be suffering from dental disease, take him to your vet for a thorough dental check up.
In addition, using the acu-poins noted below, can benefit the health of your cats gums and teeth.

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